Everyone deserves to feel at home in their body. I work using an intersectional feminist perspective with a focus on trauma, gender, sexuality and wellness and specialize in working with LGBTQIA+, TGNCNB and queer identified communities. Working with a therapist as we strive towards our goals of healing can be an act of liberation and a vital part of envisioning a just future for ourselves and the world we live in. The mind and body are impacted when we experience trauma and oppression and my approach is to address both using tools like meditation, EFT, guided visualization, and body movement.

I work with a broad range of issues including stress management, PTSD, childhood trauma, life transitions, feeling stuck and anxiety. I create a safe and supportive environment, and utilize my training in trauma-focused, mindfulness-based and Sensorimotor Psychotherapy techniques to help my clients generate insight, be self reflective and create change.


I am a first generation immigrant clinician with a decade of experience in both clinical and community based practice. My past experience has included working at Safe Horizon Counseling Center, using evidence based treatment modalities to address the impact of trauma, and The Anti-Violence Project, where I focused on working with survivors of intimate partner violence, hate violence, and sexual violence. I utilize anti-racist/anti-oppressive frameworks in my collaborative work with clients and I believe that deeply rooted within each of us are the tools and knowledge for our own growth and healing.